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Originally Posted by Bleuboy View Post
My dobie was recently diagnosed with DCM. I am looking for a Vet clinic in California that is doing stem cell therapy. Does anyone know of any clinical trials or clinics that are moving ahead with stem cell therapy with DCM in dobies?
thanks in advance
Contact the vet school at Davis--I believe that the have been involved in some stem cell research with Dobes and DCM. Can't remember the name of the vet who was working on this but someone in cardiology at the vet school should knowl

The only other one I can think of offhand is in Florida and one of the long time members of DT who was in vet scholl when she started out has long since graduated and I believe her practice is in New Jersey. She had a Dobe who was in the program that was going on in Florida--Dr Eric someone--can't think of the name. Try doing a search here under cardio + stem cell and you might be able to track down more info.

Also most vet cardiologists should be able to talk to you about stem cell research and programs that are presently going on.

Good luck on your search.

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