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Originally Posted by StrykersPerson View Post
Yep! That's pretty much how I cook and then I get scolded by The Mister.

I am supposed to cut my recipes in half, supposedly. Not sure how that can happen. For example, I use 4 different kinds of beans in my chili. Am I supposed to store half cans of beans somewhere?

He doesn't eat leftovers very well. Yes I could freeze everything, but it never tastes as good after freezing.

Holy cow Denny! You use canned beans in your chili? I don't think I'd even know how to make chili with canned beans. Since I've been making chili in a Crock Pot for the last um (let's see--since 1967--how many years is that) and before that it was stove top and I didn't make it often because you had to keep stirring it so it didn't burn everything on the bottom.

Not eating leftovers is a guy thing--but I noticed years ago that all of the guys I knew that claimed to hate leftovers generally had their head in my refrigerator after they'd been in the house for more than 12 minutes looking so see if there were any unclaimed leftovers there.

I did have a couple of roommates who had worked in restaurants when they were going to school and didn't know how to cook anything in small quantities so they produced meals and lots of leftovers. That was fine with me and with one of them--he liked his own leftovers enough to leave threatening notes on them in the fridge--"MY LEFTOVER WHATER DO NOT TOUCH OR YOU WILL DIE!"

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