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Originally Posted by modm View Post
...The noise was the dad-blasted smoke detector battery alarm was chirping. She was very afraid of that. I took her outside and it was dark-ish by then and she wouldn't leave my side very far. Went back inside and she greeted the guests. She did very well with them! And they invited her to their house for the next dinner ....

Nice story, Moe, we had similar guests on two occasions just recently, 9 relatives stayed overnight and 2 relatives just stayed 5 days. Eva and Spock are getting to really love guests as there are many more hands to give them scratching and attention and they show off too...

Spock loves to sit on couch with guests, in this case my wife's nephew, where he started out just sitting next to Ben like this...

Ben Sitting on "Spock's Sofa"

...but ended up in full belly up position after a while (pic from earlier occasion)

...Spock in Full "Belly Up" Position

My wife's sister-inlaw is terrified of dogs, especially the Dobes, but last time made the sleepover here and watched the Dobes show off for everyone in backyard- through the window!
She got to see even a 3 y/o toddler having fun petting and interacting with Spock, Eva and Lanah. We just told his mom to not have little boy run in backyard or he might getting knocked over by over exhuberant Dobes...

Ten Doberman Rules
Poke Everything.
It's New? Bark At It.
Moves? Chase It.
Doesn't Move? Smell It.
Liquid? Spill and Dribble It.
Treat or Food? Wolf It Down.
Not Food? Chew It Slowly, Be Quiet & Hide From Human.
A Toy? Shred & Destroy It.
Stuffed? De-Stuff It.
Bites You Back? Wrestle It!

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