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Originally Posted by melbrod View Post
I think you're doing pretty good if you get around to reheating your leftovers instead of just eating them cold straight out of the fridge. But if you're reheating the meal, it still counts as cooking.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Katana was typically a very polite bed sleeper...she did her obligatory circle down toward the foot of the bed and then collapsed straight down onto her feet and legs. Caesar used to do the circle (between us, of course) and then flop down on his side with his feet in the dip he had made and his body on top of one of us. Then he'd roll over on his back in the middle of it all and push his feet out in both directions.

To the point of this story--one night we woke up to Katana trampling on our pillows and faces, trying to shove herself between the tops of our heads and the bed's headboard.

Wha.....Oh, the smoke alarm is chirping.

A little quiz:
How many of you actually check the smoke alarm's battery regularly and replace it every year vs how many of you simply wait until it does its low battery alert. Fess up.
I'm fessing up!

What is a smoke alarm?

I will consider checking and changing batteries when we start using the wood burning stove. Which we haven't used since I bought the place.

Guilty as charged.

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