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Story with Mila during our dinner party last night.

We had her in the spare bedroom at first while the guests were here...they are also dobe lovers - they lost their rescue just a little time after we lost Molly in March....

Back to the story - I heard a noise so I went to check on her and she wasn't in the room. I went to the master bedroom, bath, closet not there either. I started to worry. I went back to the first bedroom(computer/piano room actually) and looked again. I did not see her. Worry escalated. I looked harder. She was under my digital piano. I called her and she wouldn't come. I got on the floor and called she slowly came out. I gave her lots of petting and calm words.

The noise was the dad-blasted smoke detector battery alarm was chirping. She was very afraid of that. I took her outside and it was dark-ish by then and she wouldn't leave my side very far. Went back inside and she greeted the guests. She did very well with them! And they invited her to their house for the next dinner

This morning as I was in here looking at DT....she came to the door and I could tell she was not too happy. I got back to the floor and she came slowly in. I went and got treats and let her eat them in here. I think she is ok now but will have to watch out for the darn smoke detectors. Our other dobes did not like them either when they chirped.
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