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Originally Posted by Lannie View Post
We have that problem with our big brave protector, Jasper (the Pyrenees). He freaks out in the spring and again in the fall, when he sees us wearing a different coat, or a hat, or ANYTHING out of the norm. He'll bark and puff himself up and tell us to get the hell off his property, until he hears us say something or he can smell us. Then he adopts that sheepish embarrassed look, you know the one: "Oh. It's you. Sorry..." He's such a precious boy. One day I'll have to tell you all his story. He's not like any other regular farm dog - he was a wild juvenile wolf (in his brain) when we got him, and it took me years to convince him I meant him no harm. He does keep the traveling salesmen off the place, though.

I'm not sure what's wrong with me this morning, but I'm tired and achy all over and just not my normal, chatty self. Plus, I keep missing the keys on the keyboard and having to go back and hit-hit-hit them again. It's very frustrating. Part of it is this hokey laptop keyboard, but some of it is I'm just feeling discombobulated today. The weather has improved, so I'm not stressed about that, but it could be a post-stress crash. I do have those a lot. You should have seen me after Zipper passed away. That one took a couple week to recover from.

Anyway, I'm gonna go have another pot of coffee, I think. I love you guys!
I know why I have to hit-hit-hit the MY keyboard. I knocked a beer over on it. I have to keep hitting the shift-shift-shift key the capitalize. Which may not be a good thing.

My Mr Coffee pot is on the fritz. It's lasted less time than my dollar store coffee maker. Mr Coffee lies to me when I turn it off. It doesn't turn off. The light goes off, but I am left with tar by the time I get home. Have to unplug it. I don't trust it even when I unplug it...

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