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Originally Posted by modm View Post
Yesterday while Mila and I were outside - I heard honking going on in the sky....Mila heard it as well and started looking up and prancing. I told her hold a sec they will come over. Within a few seconds they flew over the house / yard in their nice V formation and honking away. Mila was protecting the house and chased them away

And just before all that we scared away a ton of crows from the trees....wasn't sure what they were doing there...typically they don't do that.
The crows are migrating now, so they had probably just stopped for a rest. I grew up (in the left-hand Portland) hearing you can't shoot crows because they're a migratory species, but we always had them year 'round there, so it seemed puzzling to me. However, here, we only see them twice a year, as they're moving north and south. They really freak the poultry out big time, because they come over in very large groups, and sometimes it can take 15 or 20 minutes for a group to pass by, and the chickens and guineas think they're hawks, I guess. They're very careful about "big birds." Couple of our neighbors have small planes they use to go scout their beef herds, and if one of them goes over our place, or even close by, the birds all scream and run to hide under the lilac hedges! LOL!

Our dear, sweet Kiara (the female Pyr we just lost this spring) was hell on anything that looked like a hawk, and she'd jump up and bark at the plane until it flew off. Bless her. I wish Jasper would look up sometimes, but I guess he never learned because that was Kiara's job. She did keep the hawks and eagles away, that's for sure. If I saw one before she did, which wasn't often, I'd yell, "Kiara! HAWK!" and she'd leap to her feet and scan the sky until she spotted it, then take off across the property to see it on its way. There is NOTHING better than a good dog.

Anyway, if you hear "Caw! Caw!" don't look up, because you might get ca-ca in the face. Yes, it happened to me. Ick.

Oh, and by the way, LadyDi, ARE YOU THERE YET?
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