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Originally Posted by dobebug View Post

You might be surprised at prey drive and how and when it kicks in. Toad went to a regular Cat practice meet when he was around 6 or 7 (and Toad's favorite thing to do in Agility was to lose focus mid run and got to visit the timer or judge (it was infuriating for my friend who ran him), At the practice meet we let him watch two dogs run (and this was all Dobes--put on by the Mt Hood Club) and he was interested so he was third up--when the lure started he took three strides and started to scream--I can't tell you how surprised I was.

I caught him at the end and thought that he could do that but very shortly I found out why he couldn't do that and it was because of me--I'm really noise sensitive-Toad didn't just scream while running, he screamed as soon as the lure started--we moved him away so he couldn't see it because it was clear he was being a huge distraction to other dogs (and people)--then I moved him to where the van was parked--he could hear the motor start and the screaming started then--I walked him far, far down the access road and he could still hear things and screamed.

Eventually my friend ran the other dogs we had along and came and picked us up--she said that even though we were close to a mile away from the actual run area you could still hear Toad.

That was Toad's career as a Cat participant. It was way too much for me. I used to run my Afghan Hound occasionally--Afghan's are silent runners--I didn't have a clue when we went off to that Cat meet that my dog would turn out to be entirely manic.

Good luck--I'd think you could find someone to hold Ace for the start--the people who were at that meet we went to were all very helpful.

Originally Posted by MeadowCat View Post
Richter SCREAMED and howled as soon as I took him out of the car and put on his lure coursing lead back when he was running in CATs....I had to basically ride him like a pony because he bucked and twirled and I could barely hold him. Once he actually pulled me over and I fell at the start line (managed to keep hold of him, barely!)... Everyone at the club knew Richter, LOL. He earned his CAA but I had to retire him after that because he had foot injuries. We were never sure if he got them from lure coursing or they just were made worse from it. It was his most favorite thing ever but it did have some repercussions with prey drive in the rest of his life, so just be aware of that possibility....

I will say my rehab/sports medicine vet isn't the biggest fan of lure coursing. She sees a lot of injuries.

I haven't done it with Sypha. I've pondered FastCATs because they are straight line, so less risk of injury, but...I'm a bit gun shy. And her prey drive is much lower than Richter's. Maybe we'll try one some day.

This is how I got to "enjoy" lure coursing with Richter. Note that we're still inside the building... He hasn't even reached close to his full scream.

I literally just busted out laughing at work. Not a story I was expecting!!! I have never been around other Dobermans, nor many AKC events so I never know what to expect. But that is CRAZY they get so entranced with it! I can totally see Ace being a screamer. He isn't one for barking, but he definitely is a talker!

Meadowcat you make a great point about the repercussions. It will mean if we do do this more than once, I will definitely need to keep training and reinforcing his recall. Right now it is great, but I can see how allowing him to do this could put a strain on that.

This honestly sounds like a fun event though! I think for now we will try the FastCAT's just for something simple. But coursing still seems fun!

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