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Originally Posted by spocksdad View Post
Modm- Do you watch Rick Beato's videos? I'm not a musician but find his videos so detailed & fascinating, giving me so much respect for the music created in the latter part of last century (before computers). Not too much in this century yet.

Rick Beato's- What Makes This Song Great- Boston- More Than A Feeling
Originally Posted by modm View Post
I am in process of watching now - as I was listening and reading comments, I saw reference to Rick Beato. I have watched some of his other videos as well.
So finished it. I am not sure I have listened to something like that. Rick was deconstructing the sound track. Amazing amount of music, vocals, instruments, etc...mixed together in the basement if I heard correctly.

When folks mention computer, I sometimes think yeah ok - so in the old days they also played with electronics of their day....but what made me say ok I understand a bit when they mix they use the one take and copy paste it to other parts of the song. So just same sound each time. Boston and older groups mix had to sing each part. Giving a bit different sounds and complexity....while still being similar to other part that is the same.

Hopefully all that made sense. Thanks SD was great information!

PS - Really cool to hear the stripped back portions!
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