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Mr. B's Adventures Continue !

Good afternoon from Sun Baked and HOT East Central Indiana -

The Mrs. had a appointment late this morning about 15 miles from here , We have a problem with a Heart Broken Mr Business , plenty of work to do here on the farm getting ready for harvest , Yet , I have to help our son and he really needed to get out of the house , So to heck with the work !!!!!!!!!! So I told the little lady I would take here and So was going with us . So dropped her off and we headed for the Shelbyville Airport !

As we walked into the door we were greeted by the airport manager , The first thing I asked was if this place was dog friendly , which he replied --- Get on in here - lol Then the other guy from behind the desk came out to meet us . They asked questions on him and I answered + some - lol Oh God , did this work out great ! The one said he has been saying that they NEED a airport dog to meet people , and then Kadin offered his services . I told them about this site and the and the Adventures of Mr. B and they laughed and offered to take us out on the ramp , but the problem was ----------- there were no airplanes sitting out there to take pictures of Kadin with , So then he said hold on a sec. - he came back and handed me his business card and said call us any time and see if there is any business jets in and if there was - to high tail it down there and they would take us out there for a photo shot - its only right Mr. Business with a business jet -- right

Like I said - its hot here and Mr. B really didn't want to much to do with picture taking in 90 plus heat , so here are a few from the airport , then we will take about stop number 2 ----- BTW we were at the airport for a hour ! When we were leaving , I asked Mr. B to sit and thank them for being so , so nice to us , he sat , then he shook paws with them - then he stood up and gave the one guy kiss's - they were laughing so hard - Mr. Is in like Flint there

This one was from the airport office

One of the ramp for jets

Then it was to to Brownie's Marina - A boat dealer -

Brand New Ranger ! price ? How about 72,000 BUT one sell for 68,000 !

Mr B was to busy watching other people in there , lol I think it was the blonde Gal , The Nitro was nice looking too !

How about a party barge -------------- Ken says ------ I don't Think so ! Got to be fast -

Well after about 2 hours of goof off time with my boy , it was time to pick up the wife . After out 4 + hour trip , our little boy is laying next to me --- out like a light , just what the doctor ordered for him .


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