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Originally Posted by spocksdad View Post
Yep, happened to us all!

Shortly after adopting Eva, I thought it would be cute to get a picture of her as a big lap dog... Well, after picking her up and positioning in the chair she decided (Miss Stubborn) that she wasn't a lap dog and didn't want to become one. Eva stretched and popped her head back so the top of her bony skull slammed into my forehead giving me a painful lump.

Weeks later, after she became more familiar with us and with the aid of a few treats, she complied with the photo op!

Eva Says "Dobes Not Lap Dogs" - (Except for HV Treats)

After that incident, I refer to our two Dobes as "The Knuckleheads". Spock has a real prominent occipital protuberence/sagittal crest which could cause some real damage to another humans or animals....

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Study: Young People are Developing ?Hornlike Spikes? at Back of Their Skull Due to Poor Posture | Anatomy, Medicine |
Hubba Hubba..........Spock is this a PIC of your son???? What a cutie!!! Better keep'em away from the cougar zone!!!

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