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Originally Posted by StrykersPerson View Post
No! One TV hooked to the antenna on the roof!

Whatever that means.

On a side note, my truck has two eyeballs now!

On another side note, Franks's chicken still keeps getting lost in the forbidden zone.

And, EMSA pulled into my driveway this evening.

Had to tell them, "Over there!"

Who says Guthrie is boring?

SP, help us decode your Guthrian dialect....

Q1: What are your other (3) TV's using as antennas?

Q2: Where is the "forbidden zone" that Frank's chicken went to?

Q3: EMSA is ambulance, correct? Maybe, your neighbors just opened their Directv or HughesNet bill for the month...?

Q4: You got a "new" truck with cat-eye type, bulbous headlights? Is this a subtle hint that you finally came over to Ford, didya'?

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