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Originally Posted by spocksdad View Post
AB, here's the HughesNet Ka band EchoStar 19 satellite "footprint" coverage.
Unless you live in an abandoned mine, cave or old missile silo bunker, service should be available.
Please tell us you're not living in a old missile silo bunker?

The latest Gen5 service satellite (25Mbps) EchoStar 19 Ka spot beams cover entire US except red circles, which are covered by backup satellite EchoStar 17 (same bandwidth)

HughesNet Gen5 Echostar 19 Coverage Map (Ka Spot beams)

Well, dadgumit--I managed to avoid caves, abandoned mines and mothballed missile silo's when Nixon was President although I did get my passport renewed kept my boat equipped for long distance travel on short notice.

But I was thinking of looking into missile silo's again when I got to thinking about the possibility of Trump actually getting elected for a second term.

One of my hotshot computer guru's started looking into cheap fast internet service--I'll let you know how that pans out. He may actually find something since I'm taking care of his elderly bitch who has an advanced heart condition when he is working out of town--and I'm doing it free in exchange for him updating and upgrading my archaic computer gear to something that isn't 10 years or more old. I let ya'll know how that works out.

Weather--speaking of weather--I said yesterday that we are having very fall like weather here in the left hand Portland. Yesterday was dry but sticky feeling--high humidity for us and it had rained the day before.

So the forecast last night was for low temperatures and predicted possibility of rain for every day for a week out. I got up this morning at 6:30am (having overslept by a 1/2 hour) to rain--and from then to when I left the clinic to come home at 1:30pm it rained harder and harder-finally stopped abut five minutes ago (3:30pm--RATS--I forgot to take my 2:00pm handful of pills--that's all folks--now I'm going to take the pills and a nap...)


PS The high today is suppose to be 62 degrees--normal average high's in September are usually mid 70's occasionally rising in a few days of 80 degrees.

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