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Originally Posted by StrykersPerson View Post

I am watching Master Chef. One of the few clear channels I get in this particular room.

Any ideas of a cheap TV reception fix for each TV, which all get different channels than each other? My property is just under the rim of a bowl and rooftop reception is only connected to one TV.
SP, I use the Mohu 50 amplified HDTV antennas and get about 84 digital channels, but I'm closer to city than your are. (one for each HDTV upstairs in guest rooms- no cable)

New model is Mohu Blade:

After you get connected up to antenna jack on HDTV, apply power and experiment with best placement in room, usually high on drywall and oriented with flat side toward city. In Guthrie, you might need to put inside or just outside window, as high up as possible. (new model waterproof).

Main thing to remember on these amplified antennas: Power supply from USB is injected into same coax cable as signal, so you don't want to be connecting/disconnnecting RCA connector on HDTV jack with power supply connected (live) or you might damage preamp inside base of antenna.

You could order from Amazon and carefully unpack and try out as a test. If the Mohu doesn't cut it, then you'll have to go with an HD Yagi style roof or attic mount such as this RCA model:

These are essentially the same as the UHF portion of the old broadcast analog antennas from years back, using the same frequency bands for HDTV today.

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