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Originally Posted by ECIN View Post
Oh yeah ! Ali was the BOSS

I am afraid of putting two males together , now John and Bug Russell can do it and get along fine , but I not them

Just thought it might be safer with a female .


Even though I have kept multiple males (Dobes and occasionally another breed) for years I always qualify that fact with the additional fact that I've had some exceptional circumstances that have made it work for me and I don't recommend it for most.

But I'm with MeadowCat--don't be in a rush to get a companion when what you have had in the past and probably want again, is a well bred puppy who can grow into her place in the family. Yes, her--she'll grow up and boss Mr.B around but that's what bitches do. There's an old saying that used to be on a lot of T shirts--"Dogs drool and bitches rule"--with a picture of a Dobe. I had one of those for years.

Get Mr B in a class again--hopefully the farm work will slow down fairly soon and give you a chance to work with him and take him to classes again.

Dogs who have grown up with another dog in the house and who aren't used to being an only dog take the loss of their doggy companions hard but given time and more attention (which you are doing for Mr. B) and they will move on. And you said it in an earlier post--the best cure for the heartbreak of losing one family dog is to get a new puppy to raise--it won't be the same dog and I can tell you from personal experience that we never can actually replace a pet we've said farewell to. And that's another old saying that fits--"It's never the same river..."

The first two Dobermans that followed my very first dog suffered because I wanted the "same dog" and while those dogs were wonderful in their own right I was never as close to them as I was to that first boy--and they weren't him. I haven't made that mistake since--and I've had a string of male Dobermans who were, in their turn--"the best dog ever.."

Look for a new lil' girl--it won't be Ali, and Mr.B won't expect it to be Ali but it'll fill that hole in his heart and the one in your heart and Mrs. Ken's too.

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