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How to mend a Dobermans Broken heart ?

Poor Mr. Business is heart broke with out his big sissy around

He goes out and checks her grave , has taken one of there balls out to it and laid it by the grave , then he walks back , maybe 5 or 6 feet and then he just lays there and watchís it .

He never meet me at the gate this morning , wife said heís just laying around , he is so , so sad .

We took him with us yesterday morning , to give him as much attention as possible . I can throw his ball , he goes and gets it , then lays down next to me , heís done .

I spent a lot of time Sunday on Doberman rescue , really couldnít find anything to work here , most are males .

I will be honest here , I did contact G Red about 3 weeks ago about one of the pups out there that was still available, but after getting Aliís diagnosis, felt , we had better pass , truly , I thought Ali would be here lots longer and didnít know if I could do a good job taking care of Ali plus the pup , plus Mr. B . Wish I had now did that in hind site .

I think the only thing that will help him is a new sister and that takes time . We are doing are best to keep him active , but he is lost .

As I type , heís just laying in the house . Thatís not right for him .

We have even talked about going to the local shelter and see if they have anything that might work . I donít know , I feel so sorry for him and the wife . They are all beyond lost and itís to damn quit in here

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