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Thanks for all the kind words and prayers for us and our Ali girl

Rosemary nailed it , we all know that , that day will come , yet when the vet hands you a death sentence, it goes off the scale . This was the first time for us dealing with cancer in one of our dogs , itís terrible to go threw and watch it affect our , your , pride and joy . I keep asking why Ali ? She didnít deserve this , then I think about all the others , kids , people , brothers and sisters , why ? How could this happen ?

I feel so worthless , you all know that Doberman look , the one that they depend on us to protect them look , when itís storming they donít feel good , they look to us for that security , and I could not produce this time . Yes , I know dang good and well that we did everything humanly possible to help her , it donít help any , for me anyway . I was talking to Doc yesterday when he got here and we were talking about Ali , he said Ken , you have done everything you can , but as I said , not even your best effects are just not enough sometimes .

Ali was in the house with the wife when Doc got here , it was time for me , I walked in and the Mrs gave her one last kiss and rub , I said Ali , itís pretty out , letís go outside and I picked her up and carried her out and laid her on here favorite rugs , she knew doc ! He lended down and kissed her head and very gently rubbed her head , Ali raised her head and tried to give him a kiss she had her head laying across my lap , as always , as I rubbed her head and said Im so sorry girl , we canít make you well , but doc is going to take that damn pain away , In a second , I felt her relax and watched her close her eyes for the last time , my girl was now pain free again .

Poor Mr. Business , he was a trouper , everyday , he would try and motivate her to get up , to eat and to be there for his best friend , he knew something was terribly wrong with her. As I carried Ali out to her resting place , she urinated as I carried her , all over my leg and left a trial out . After the services was over , I let him out , he picked up on the urine and followed it to her gave and there it stopped . He looked at me and then just laid down for a second looking at her grave , then got up and walked and walked around it . I took him out last night and said letís play some ball , he ran out and got his ball and then came back and sit next to me , ball was no fun with out Big Sissy . He has laid around all morning , he is heart broken . He knows she is gone

It is so quite here ! No Dobers chasing each other threw the house , no me , saying Ali or Kadin quit that , or come here and letís play ball in the house , which we could only do when Mrs Doc was not around , lol

Well my friends , I canít thank you all enough for all the support you have gave our family , so what is next ? I donít know , but I have found when one takes part of your heart with them , the best thing to try , try ! And make it whole again is a new little puppy , not a replacement for a dog that is gone , but to start a new chapter in our book .

Love you all

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