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Originally Posted by Cressrb View Post
Blueberry, I am so sorry to read this, but I am no good at offering any advice. My heart goes out to you. Only one time have I been in the situation with a dog that the vet could not find what was
wrong. I had imported a Staffybull from UK and she was sick soon after. Surgeries, every kind of antibiotic, bacterial or viral, they could not determine which. Many, many tests done on the poor little girl. It has always been a mystery. So much $$$$ spent on her which I don't regret, but what we put her thru I do regret. I still think about it. I am just so sorry you and Chloe are going through this. I can only offer my best thoughts and prayers for you.
Thank you so much! I'm sorry you had to go that. This is just nuts! She's 9 and I don't know if I want to put her through the surgery. And then if we find nothing out....the vet is talking about her like she is a "case to solve" and not my beloved pet....I hate to think of the money right now but we kind of have to....staying with family is kind of hard. And my teaching certificate has not came through yet so I being paid as a long tern sub.
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