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TN , I donít know if I can give you a honest answer to your question .

First off , sheís on her prednisone now for 6 days and only yesterday , did she show interest in food , btw , she ate 3 milk bones at noon and again for supper time , but itís a start , that is the same way it started the first time , small steps first then she eats everything in site .

I am feeding her with a big syringe, 3 or 4 times a day with A/D , she is taking it very well ! Believe this or not , when itís here normal feeding time , she tells me sheís ready for me to feed her , yet , just canít eat her kibble , maybe today !

She has lost weight from not eating , I have stopped it , or close to with the A/D , this in turn has weakened her also .

I had to go the vets office Monday morning , and one of the vets came out to ask about her , I told her everything we were going threw , she still tries to be active , she gets her ball and still wants to play with , she is observant, still potties ok . The vet said letís just give her some more time . Her eating is the key , I will not give up on her , but have the feeling , even thou we are doing our best , it is just not enough , she dont appear to be in any pain at all , even the vet said as much as they checked her out , not one time did she show any and if she was hurting with the mass , she would have showed it. So thatís a good thing .

I have reevaluated her condition many times with the post that Mel posted up on when itís time . With her not eating , her ratings have steadily gone down hill . I discussed this with the wife , sort of , beating around the bush . The biggest change in her is her eyes , they are bright , not the sad looking eyes she had , I think the meds are doing that and she feels better . Also when at the vets office , the desk gal said that her dog had the same thing as Ali and with the same meds we are giving Ali , Lucy last another 3 years , now I know that Ali will not make that figure , but would be glad for just one more year with her , if she is pain free and out raising hell with our little boy .

When getting a Doberman , you must be commented and care for them , we are both and will be to the end , as she is to us .

Some may think were crazy or being mean to her for doing the care we are doing , but trust me , we are not being stupid with her best wishes in mind and I still have to thank Mel again for posting up her post on the end of life decision , I have read it many times since posting , so I can make the best decision I can make for her .

As I type this , girl is sleeping right next to me , raising her head every now and then , checking on me

I hate to ramble here , but the knowing is terrible , it eats at my guts everyday , every night , the knowing , as I look at her , as she plays with her ball , her walking up to me and giving us a kiss , yes , we all know that this time with them is to short , that day will come , yet to hear from a vet that she is in her short rows , and we may have to make that call , the knowing , and we feel so helpless as the many others on here have gone threw they know what Iím talking about .

So after all this rambling around TN , I guess at this time , she is holding for own , but Doc is slowly losing some faith that she will improve much .

Thanks for asking about her !

Btw , I have to have one funny !

When I got home from the vets , wife asked were else I stopped ? I said just went to the vets office , she said you have been gone forever , I told her the girl at the desk asked all about Ali , then a vet tech came out and I had to update her , then Beth came out and asked for a update , lol so I gave 3 updates , each one got the full details , lol , that can take Doc awhile I thanked them all for asking , but Ali is there friend and they are worried about her , there just not being nice , but truly considered, they all great people over there .

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