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Originally Posted by ECIN View Post
Good morning everybody !

Lady Di , your question about corn sort of surprised me , one thing Di is you are talking about sweet corn , I raise field corn , big difference here . Anyway itís all about weather , very little sweet corn got planted here and most is being shipped in from other areas , 3 ears for 2 bucks ? Unreal , itís the shipping cost !

We are getting poorer , not richer

Over the last month or so , when in wal mart , they have signs in the green bean , they they are empty, with a sign that says they are working with there supplier on this problem , it had a date in Aug that they thought they would have them back in stalk , mostly Del Mote , reason ? Weather , it was so wet they couldnít get them planted and they ran out .

Yesterday , they had us in the 3 range for bad storms today , backed that off to the 2 , severe storms expected , damaging winds ! That is a very bad thing to happen , corn is not as strong as in the past , will break off easy , plus large hail .

Mod , hate to hear your afraid of the storms , might look at a thunder coat , have used one before l I really thought it would not work , but a friend said they help , so got one , it was NOT 100 % but it really did have help .

Ha ha - I wasn't sure they would work either. We have tried plain t-shirts or similar which didn't seem to help. So guess I can give it a go. Hopefully the roosters and hens won't make too much fun of me when I show up with it on
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