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Originally Posted by Beaumont67 View Post
modm - you get it and training for SA is kind of a figure of speech, I coined.
- just means, dog always needs to be in same room or within close eyesight, of its human(s)
- that's the kind of needy-ness, I train for // sort of joined at the hip, relationship

Obviously a rescue vs puppy, and bolting out the front door to be expected.
- took weeks to months with our past girls, to stop
- Kelly took a few years, last time she bolted in the dark of night...encountered a skunk at the bird seed (I put out), and not a cute bunny rabbit
- now when we go outside, its kind of the buddy system...if she see a cat in the distance or smells a raccoon in the field...she can bark and tell dad, but must say with me / and she now knows my yell of danger, stops her on the spot

Kisses to Mila, from Canada.

Hmm I have not had to deal with something like a skunk with a dog - that would not be a pleasant surprise!
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