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Originally Posted by Beaumont67 View Post
Big congrats on Mila, she is a pretty girl.
- I felt the unconditional canine Love, in your writing modm, its was a treasure to read


Random thoughts:

This may sound against the grain, but I train for a small degree of Seperation Anxiety.
- build a bond, that the dog is always in you eyesight
- so the reverse is true / build a bond, that the dog humans is always in their eyesight

So what does this mean, dad goes out in the rain, so dobe will go out.
- dad goes in the backyard, dog goes in the backyard
- dad goes in the house, dog is right behind
- if I sneak in the house to top up my coffee mug,
- I'll come back to the front door, and dobe is waiting for me, with eyes on the window

Over at sons condo today, dogs on the cedar deck...while water boxes being made.
- men went to the van, to get carpenter tools or something
- without our son in backyard, Kelly went to patio door...for Mom to let in the house

Our dogs are always off leash, and perimeter trained...we on a busy Hwy, but that's no longer a concern.
- to me it doesn't matter, who exits a door first or last / same with steps
- with strong bond building, the dog will like family adults being the Leaders

Kelly was a independent & aggressive puppy, wouldn't even expose her vulnerable position, of weakness.
- so dad rubbed the bottom of her tail nub, for over a year...a relaxation move
- now she accepts belly rubs

When I was training off leash, without treats...every time she return to my call, she would receive a neck rub.
- this winter I fell on ice and broke my wrist
- now when she is by my side, I give her a spine message, to rehab my wrist
- when I stop, she pokes me with her nose for more
- my hand functions, has really improved since

Kelly carries stuffies to and greets us with them or moms shoe.
- but nothing is ever hurt, all her stuffies have a name
- only hard toys can be chewed, but she out grew them

Our dogs never chase or climb fences // because an adult is always out with dog
- Kelly tried to dig twice at 5 months old, but the bad habit was discouraged
- obviously older dogs are harder to change / but its worth a try

My feeling on crate - if dobe was OK and tested without one, could put it away.
- if dog doesn't sleep in the master bed, its dog bed should be on the floor...beside the bed
- dobes want to be close, to loving masters...always 24/7, makes them feel content
Wow thanks Beaumont67 - I echo your sentiments about your canine love.

I am not sure how to train for the separation anxiety. Molly and O.D. we had as pups so seemed natural we grew up as one family. Same as your dogs, if we weren't out with them they were at the back door looking in. If one of us goes out front to get mail or water the flowers....or even if both of us were doing some could hear the cries of Molly wanting to be out with us.

Mila is getting that way to a degree - I try to go in stand inside waiting for her to notice....sometimes she comes to the door looking for us. But most of the time....she is still searching for whatever she thinks is out there. But still only a month in and new to her.

Ouch on the breaking of your wrist - had to be a pain trying to do stuff with one hand - glad Kelly helped with the recovery! Ha yeah even Mila is doing that she sits in front of the couch getting petted....stop and immediately her head pops backwards looking over asking for more. We call that a Molly move as she would do that all the time.

With our first 2 girls they slept on either side of the bed. O.D. was typically on my side Molly on my wife's...every once in a while they would swap. So for me when O.D. was gone it was hard....bed wasn't there but the outline on the rug was there.

I see a lot of pictures and discussions about folk's Dobermans on couches or bed - that is one area my wife and I go against the grain...we do not let them on the furniture. Molly, O.D. and even Mila really did not try to get worked out for us

As far as going out the door first - The very first Monday with her, I was going to work, I had my backpack on my lunch box on and trying to maneuver out the door past my wife's giant wreath and telling Mila stay and keeping her coming out the door with my leg. Unfortunately, she bolted out. She ran around the side of the house where the rabbit had ran in front of her and out the side gate. Mila knew which side to go and she made a bee line directly to where she last saw the rabbit. I was afraid she would be gone and couldn't catch her.....

I was a bit scared and honestly ashamed, I had let her out that way - never had happened trying to have her sit and wait to go out the back is a first step to keep her from going out the front.... And while it was nerve wracking trying to catch her - in the back of my brain I was thinking wow she knew where to go and only her second day here.

Crate for me is primarily if we go on vacation or similar. We currently do not crate her while driving nor did we with our previous. For me we were/are just lucky. No accidents and not bolting from back of van/truck. So looking to get a crate she can be in while in vacation homes and driving. I have looked at tons of crates that are engineered for crashes etc...quite costly. But I think a good sturdy crate will be more secure than none? Thoughts on this?

For now when we leave the house and go somewhere we have Mila in our bedroom free....she has not hurt anything. She is even sitting when we open the door. Well just for a moment then it is a ball of excitement.

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