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Just reading this now backwards - so very sorry for Mrs. Ali, Doc & Nancy.

Back in 1987, our Tanya had terminal cancer, all through her.
- she lasted 3 months, after testing the cancer was to wide seek Vet College treatment
- her sickness, started with the occasional poop & sickness, on the floor / when I came home from work
- uncharacteristic for a clean girl

She got extremely weak on a Monday, so I book the euthanasia on Wednesday.
- maybe she would feel better, on Tuesday, and I could cancel her last ride to the Vets
- Wednesday came and she was even more weak
- that day I brought lunch home from Wendy's / chicken burger, fries & gravy
- she wasn't eating regular food now, so I hand feed her each and every fry (dipped in gravy)
- she knew Dad was trying his best, to help / and graciously accepted the treat food
- I had to go back to work, and it pained me to do so / but I worked for a strict company
- at 5:00 pm I returned, loaded her in the back seat of my car
- her back leg, got jammed between the gap between the 2 rear seat halves
- and not enough strength, to pull her leg out & up...she looked so helpless, in the rear view mirror
- Dad felt bad for my old girl, not a healthy baby any 9.5 years old now

What did I learn, this Dad timed her eventual death, by one day ...not soon enough.
- but they all really know, we LOVE them


When Amy was put down, several hours after 3-4 strokes.
I gave her the dignity of son Andrew visit and Dad, holding and kissing her one last time, in Vets office.
- whatever we can do, to maximize our beloved senior dogs whats always best

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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