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I got a PM from Sugar. Asking about Ali , So I hope Iím not boring everybody on here with up dates , but here goes .

We have Ali on 30 mgs of Prednisone , twice a day , I have seen that drug work first hand , and every time in about 24 to 36 hours , A Doberman will start to eat .

As far as eating , still not eating , but her interest has picked up some what , I have been feeding her a slurry of A/D for the last 3 days , she will only take about a quarter of a can , so Iím feeding her every 3 to 4 hours . This my friends is trial by error , gettin the right amount of water mixed in and the amount she will take at one time , she took a half can with no problems , the problems is she will refuse to swallow more than she wants to take , so it will run down the front of her , so this morning is a good sign , I hope .

The vets have been outstanding to work with , yesterday , I made a trip back to get more of the A/D and the vet came out asking about her , I told her about Melís post on when is it the time to let go , as I have posted , I took that test and Miss Ali only has one she failed and failed bad , and thatís eating , she is losing weight and getting weaker , I have noticed that she has leveled off on losing weight and hope she will get stronger , today will be the key day , she has to start eating on her own , or she is done .

2 nights ago , some friends stopped by to she here , she meet them at the gate , barking and her hackles up , lol

Last night she laid out and chewed her ball up , I mean chewed up , its going to the trash

Iím I doing right , feeding her liquid ? I donít know , like I said she only has failed one of the factors to go to the bridge . As for me , Iím glad to feed her every few hours , but Iím also realistic to . My glass is still half full , but there has to be a change , and it needs to happen in the next few days .

We have had Dobers for a long time , we have learned a lot from this experience. Some good , some not so good .

One thing , you have to be pro active for your Dober. ! We knew she needed prednisone , which after pushing the limits of me and the wife being nice , they did give her a shot , which really did help her , they did that twice , then with the info I got from the vca doctors , I forgot it , not until Badhabit brought up the subject of the prednisone and woke me up ! It is so easy to get tunnel vision and it happened to me , keep your minds working ! For you and your Dobers ! !

Well our friends , thatís about it for now

Thanks , all of you !

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