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Originally Posted by melbrod View Post
I'm OK--brother has left to go home and I've been restoring the house to normal (moving all my stuff back into my bedroom, washing linens, packing away spare bed, etc....)

Plus I just got a corrected statement from my finance guys so my last year's taxes need to be amended and refiled. So if you hear the sound of cursing in the west wind (for some of you, southeast for others, I guess), it's me.

And, talk and rock music just isn't really my thing (I know; how did I land on the CT?) So I've been skimming along without much to say.

I need a chicken fix.

I hear ya MEL - I could never remember titles of songs much, unless I've heard it a lot.
- and with the 1000's of performers, I don't try to train myself to specific names of bands either
- while I like popular music, from the mid 1950's into the 1980's mainly
- I don't collect music and don't down load much either
- was never important enough, when I reHab'ed myself

So sometimes I also feel like a fish out of water // like when a few guys at work, use to talk non-stop on hockey / basket ball / football drafts & trades.
- and know all the names of the raw talent & everything about games played
(you know, boring stuff // but when they want to replace a family vehicle...they seek my opinion)
- so I've never really tried to fit in, on everything ...and that is fine

So do what I do, when the narrative doesn't always fit my preferences.
- change the subject // this is the "de-rail capital" thread on DT, after all

But Beau never gets tired...talking about vehicles, I've spent too many decades studying gain knowledge, and make good choices.
- but unlike you Ma, I'd don't have a good ear for music / but still appreciate, the talent of others, around me
- sometimes, you just gotta wing it // we can't be good, in everything

See how I made myself look venerable, to pick up your spirits... what friends do !!

PS - we haven't heard a nice music video, of your son playing classical lately.
- go dust one off

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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