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Originally Posted by melbrod View Post
A long lost cousin! We have a Hairy Dog too!!

If we're being formal, we call him by his true name Ori, or sometimes Harold DogDog.

I have had problems in the past with long posts disappearing too. I think sometimes that happens when it takes me a long time to type in posts, which are, of course, the very ones you don't want to lose. I've just gotten in the habit of saving the long posts before I click on "post quick reply". That way, if the original heads off into the ether, I have a copy to paste up.
Yes, I saw that you had a Hairy Dog and that's why I was talking about Missy having the same nickname. It was in that long post that disappeared. I should have known to save it, but I wasn't thinking.

More sad news, though, it seems that Murphy wasn't finished with us yet. One of our kitties, Peanut (my husband's absolute favorite) didn't come in with the rest of the cats yesterday morning, and I looked for her and called all day. When Rich went out to check the mail in the afternoon, he found her on the side of the road, run over but good, OMG. She died instantly, but that's no consolation. Peanut was Zipper's walking companion out back, and I can't tell you the number of times I had to clean pee or poop off of Peanut's back, because she had a habit of walking right next to Zipper, almost under her feet (sometimes Zipper tripped on her), then when Zipper stopped to potty, Peanut would wind around her back feet, getting pottied on. She was a strange little cat, but she loved her big doggy and she was about the only cat that Zipper didn't mind getting in her face. The other cats scared her, but Peanut was her friend, so I guess now they're together again. Maybe it's for the best, because Peanut spent a week looking for her big buddy, and not knowing where she had gone. Now she's with her again. Peanut had never, to my knowledge, gone anywhere near the road before, so I don't know what possessed her to do it yesterday (well, night before last, I guess), but it was the last mistake she ever made.

Peanut was a handful when she was younger, and I had to put rubber bands between all the cupboard handles in the kitchen so she couldn't get them open and walk all over the pots and pans and stuff, and all the "girl stuff" in the bathroom had to go in Zip-Lock bags and be sealed. She'd pull the little drain plug thing out of the bathroom sink and then drop things in there. How many times did I have to take that P-trap apart to retrieve something... nail clippers, tweezers, a hair clip, etc.... I can't count. And she was a climber. Our house isn't very big, so almost everything is near something else, and a determined cat can get up as high as they want, if they're clever, and Peanut was clever. Then one day she "grew up." Just like that, she stopped being a pain in the ass and started being a sweet, loving kitty. She was only two years old.

I wonder if it will end there, or if there are more losses to come? I shouldn't jinx myself, but I'm starting to feel numb. The female Pyr, our old spinster cat, one of the ferals that was becoming friendly, then Zipper and Peanut, all in the last two months. I don't know how much more I can take.

And now my hubby wants to get rid of our last horse. I can see his point. The poor guy has nothing but cows for company now (we lost his mate last winter to heart failure), and all he does is eat hay and poop all over, and he's wild as a March hare so I can't ride him, so there's no good reason to keep him, other than he's beautiful (he's an Arab), and he dances when he's happy, and I love him. I don't think I can let him go. He'd be going to a good home, with a younger woman who wants to work with him, get him back under saddle again, and give him a real job, and I'd be stupid to deny him a better life, but I just can't think about him going away right now. Maybe in a while.
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