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Originally Posted by modm View Post
Hey MeadowCat - what type of sewing? My wife likes to sew a bit...she doesn't do quilts though. I even tried my hand at sewing once with her. Made a couple of shirts and a vest. Very tedious cutting out the patterns, then cutting the cloth to the pattern. Then sewing it all together.....sheesh. Hats off to you
Originally Posted by ECIN View Post
Hey Mod , you asked about what kind of sewing that MC does , well she will not reply on it , it’s against league rules on here .

BUT I can She makes custom made dog coats and sweaters. You can check out some of her handy work at this tread , Miley's Mail Days!

And also in this months calendar contest , Doberman super model — Mocha is sporting a camouflage coat , she is already for deer hunting season in TN

Awww, Doc, thanks. Like Doc said, I won't say too much, since we have a rule here about "no self-advertising", but the regulars around here know that I run a small business, making dog coats I am VERY busy during most of the year. I get a bit of a break during the summer, but it's already starting to pick up again! Talking about sewing isn't really "advertising" but I do have to be a little careful, just so I don't break the forum rules

by Shanoa Delta, on Flickr

Richter & Sypha
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