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Thank you CF !

Ali had a very good evening last night She loves company and she got some last night , 2 of my good friends , Terry and Mike stopped by to see her , God , she loved all the attention they were here for a couple of hours and the rubs and love did not stop .

Now I owe Badhabit a big Apology! Hereís his post from yesterday

I had a girl, Chanel, several years ago that had a tumor on her spine. She was 12 and the vet said he didn't think she'd be able to walk after surgery. I asked him about prednisone and he said he'd try but wasn't hopeful. She could walk the next day and improved every day for the next 2 weeks until she was back to normal. She lived for another year and up until the last couple of weeks did great. I think we gave her 20mg per day if I rememberr correctly. Good luck.

Im sorry BH. , I am just brain dead from everything going on around here , your post was spot on ! It takes me about 2 1/2 hours to mow and I kept thinking about your post and then it hit me ! Prednisone is used for cancer treatment and associated pain that goes along with it , PLUS it will increase there appetite! We had Ali on it before with the copper deal , she would not eat , put her on the prednisone and she started eating , matter of fact , I had called Kadins breeder and she said she has never seen a dobie never eat that was on it .

Back to last night , I heard from Aliís internal med vet , I questioned about her meds and the prednisone ? Yes , on the prednisone and itís been called in for me , question here , why didnít they do this from the start ? The wife and I both brought up the subject and they did give shot of it that only lasted 2 days , that is why she ate them 2 days !

Then at 9 :40 I get a call from Aliís local vet , he had lots of question on how Ali was doing , again we talked about the prednisone , he highly recommended it , then went to tell how they use in cancer treatment , it can fight the cancer , put into remission and in some cases , how do I say this ? Help make it go away , maybe cure it somewhat , I know , that to me is wishful thinking , but hey , my glass is halfway full !

So Badhabit , if I ever reply stupid to a post that was on the money , or any of you other posters , just back hand me and say wake you big dummy !

We are all outside this morning , Ali loves it out here , now what to feed her , attempt to feed her ? Ali , how about I fry up a pound of hamburger ? That it will be

Thanks everybody

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