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Originally Posted by Rosemary View Post
Bug, I think you mean poutine?

Yeah, I'm not wild about potatoes in my dogs' kibble either, although they will sometimes get leftover mashed potatoes. But I have seen some truly horrendous kibbles (check out "Doggy Bag".....), so by comparison, the kibble mentioned is pretty decent.
YES! That's it...poutine. Thank you very much---and I can never remember the name when I'm writing a post (or even when I'm not writing a post). I confess I always shared the poutine with Perry (one of the dogs who got shown in Canada)--he'd have been ecstatic if I'd just given him the entire paper tray of poutine.

Take a look at the contents on a bag of Ol' Roy (I heard rumor that they've revamped it some and it's not so bad--it must be well over 10 years when I read the label--I was waiting for a friend to decide which light weight wire kennel she wanted and she had two employees pulling everything down for her to look at--it was too embarrassing to stay in that aisle so I moved over to the food aisle and was reading lables.

There is some really 'uck food on the market and it obviously sells because I see people buying it.

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