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Originally Posted by Gretchen_Red View Post
Very few good breeders have websites, because they are breeding their dogs for hobby and not to make money, they just don't have the time.

The breeder you mentioned (South Paw) I have a few questions on:
1. I don't see mention of echo and holter, which is imperative to a breed who's number 1 killer is DCM
2. Thyroid, Kidney, Liver doesn't test as clear. They test as normal and need to be retested every year as things can change.
3. Perhaps I set my standards high, I like Euros, I like American, but those dogs just look backyard bred. I really didn't think any of them met the standard of looks that I like to see in a dog. Euros don't tend to have a body type I like but I like their heads, Americans tend to be flashier but those dogs aren't not the dogs that say "Look at me aren't I the regal, noble steed you always wanted in your home!?!" They kind of look sad to me, just my humble opinion.
^^^^ This, plus I will add that for the price they are charging you can get a well bred doberman that meets the high standards described above.

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