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Ali is not well

This past week , a few days , Ali didn’t seem herself , she was not wanting to eat , she eats about a cup or so in the morning , then again at night , some morning , she would eat only a half a cup , but at night , would make up the diff . She ate a ton on Wed. Then backed off to a cup and a half on Friday , then on Sat ( yesterday ) barely anything . She has been on a hepatic food for over 3 years , which equals tasteless food , we do add a canned hepatic which she loves to eat .

She has been acting her normal self , played with her ball , chases birds , barks at neighbor , you name it , she acts normal , but has quit eating yesterday , this mornin , same thing , got up went out and done her business , we sat out the patio for 3 hours , watching the crop dusters , just enjoying doing nothing . We came in the house , Ali walked to the back bedroom to look out , then got about half way back to the front room and laid down , pooped out , her breathing was labored ,then turned shallow, right then and there , we except the end was here , a few hours ago , I got her up and helped her onto the couch , then about a hour ago , she wanted up , went outside and peed , walked around then back in the office , got her drink and is now laying down , still has not ate anything , we have exhausted every trick in the book , she smells it and turns her head .
Now to back up some , I sent a email to her internal med doc on Monday , NO response, so called and told them to have her call me and to read my email I had sent to her , still no response ! Bitch !

On Tuesday , I took a urin sample to our local vet and had a complete urinlogy run on her , just. Normal check up , everything came back great . .l

5 months ago , complete blood work up to check all blood values , because of her copper storage, again , all results , out standing . This is a once year deal , but we do it every 6 to make us feel we are doing everything we can for her .

This morning , I told my wife , I was taking Ali to the emergency room and have her checked out , if her nit wit internal doc would have called , then we would not be in this place ! And now have to go on the weekend !

This is where Ali laid down , friends , she was as weak as a kitten + her breathing , wife and I agreed she would not live threw the trip .

This all happened so quick !

One problem is having to deal with her internal vet , she knows what they can do and what they can’t do to her , because of her copper , if another vet looks after her , we have to question them on everything and have caught a few screw ups on there part because of the meds they were going to give her , it would have put Ali in a very bad spot with her problems .

Another problem is the ride to the hospital is right at a hour and Ali goes off the scale with anxiety, it affects her for 2 days afterwards . Then they will want to do this and that to her and trust me , it will push her over the edge .

So tomorrow morning first thing , I will take her to her local vet and see what happens , but I’m have excepted the fact , her days with us may be short .

Btw she is drinking ok , but I’m worried she will. Become dehydrated,


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