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Well, here's one to ask your vet about if the coughing etc continues. I have a 13 year 7 month old Dobe and recently (last 8 months more or less) he has had a wheeze--sounds almost like he's gasping for breath--but in the time he's had the cough/wheeze--complete now with old man bark--raspy and no volume he's had two visits to the cardiologist--for his age the cardiology for both echo and Holter have been pretty normal--cardio function is slowly deteriorating but his age is slowly increasing--all the cardio is well controlled with standard cardio drugs--not CHF and not fluid in or around heart or in lungs. Just before the last echo a friend of mine was driving me crazy telling me these weird sounds he makes when he breathes were cause by the fact he wasn't getting enough oxygen. (By the way--his vet, at the clinic where I work, had already told me what he was reasonably sure it was).

So I took him in with me and got his vet to take another look in view of the most recent echo and Holter. What he seems to have is laryngeal Paralysis--this is a disease often seen in older labs--and it was what I thought was going on when it first started. We checked to see what his oxygen levels looked like and he has oxygen levels up close to 100 % saturation--definitely getting enough oxygen. I think every vet in the clinic (6 out of the 7 employed there) came and looked and listened and the consensus was that it was laryngeal paralysis--and the reason we don't have anything on it in Dobes is that they basically don't live long enough for it to show up. It does tend to only show up on older labs.

Don't know if your bitches symptoms are anything like this but without checking for fluids collecting in and around the chest/lungs and heart it's the only thing I can suggest.

Good luck.

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