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There are only a few known facts:

1) All the data released is greatly lacking in significant scientific answers.

2) The links between diet and DCM are reported in nearly equal number of grain free dry fed dogs and grain included dry fed dogs, with a slightly greater percentage being grain included dry diet. (So, yeah, exactly WHY did the FDA name and slam 16 grain free brands??)

3) Solid fact: dry diets = <89% of cases reported in the studies of diet-associated DCM, while raw diet = >1% of cases reported in the same studies. Undefined semi-moist and home cooked are the remaining percentage of cases. However, FDA continually advises no one to go out and start feeding raw because that is “dangerous “.

4) Most dogs being diagnosed with DCM do not have low taurine levels.

5) Extreme numbers of dog owners have switched to the top 4 powerhouse dog food companies since all the most recent FDA negative comments about a large group of smaller companies. Veterinarians are almost exclusively recommending those 4 manufacturers.

6) The top dog food companies and AVMA were well prepared, production-wise, marketing-wise and advice-wise, at the point the public was informed the latest FDA recommendations.

PLEASE. As in all important decisions about your dog’s health, do the research and read all available slants/facts. Be aware that more recent is not always more relevant. Please remember that most information pushed on us in the headlines, particularly when it applies to a huge profit industry, has monetary gain for some entity behind the way the information is presented.

Think for yourself. Go past a headline. Analyze motive. Search for propaganda, which is just a fancy word for marketing, not an evil accusation. It’s often there, so just try to figure out where the facts are.


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