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Jocelyn (Protocol) Breeds pretty infrequently which is why most of the dogs you see and/or read about are sired by a few Protocol males that are standing at stud. I think her dogs are mostly stunning and when actually trained and worked in something other than conformation are capable working and performance dogs. I very familiar with some of them--Fifi--Michelle Santana had her here on the west coast for a year and Andy Linton is presently showing a Protocol dog out of Fifi sired by a really nice Liberator (Canada) male0l. He went Best Opposite Sex at the two Specialties this Friday.

Juanta Fagan (Heartwood) is a friend--we were laughing about the fact that we've know each other for 25 years--a really lovely bitch of hers went Best of Breed (at both of the Specialties on Friday) and a Heartwood puppy went Best Puppy both days. She's established a really nice breeding line and I'd take a dog from her any day--if you are seriously interested in a Heartwood dog get on her waiting list--she's got a litter coming up and was making noises about that being the last litter she will breed.

Michelle if you are interested in a Foxfire dog (and I've had nothing but Foxfire dogs since 1998) Michelle may be harder to reach than some but trying by phone mid week is the most likely time to find her home and answering the phone. I'd e-mail first and be specific about what you want and when you want it and if you don't get a response in a reasonable amount of time (say a week to 10 days) try calling mid week and if you can't reach her in a couple of weeks of trying, send another e-mail.

Breeders who work and show and breed dogs never have any spare time--persistence pays when trying to reach them.

You know, it's interesting--I started showing Dobes in the Pacific Northwest--and even when I first started (1960) the Pacific Northwest was the best kept secret in the breed--even that far back there were breeders who were producing really nice Dobe and no one had heard of them. Now we have breeders that everyone has heard and some no one has heard of--and I think reaching the best breeders is like hoping to win the lottery--good luck!

Seriously--keep trying if you don't reach some of these breeders with one or two e-mails and a phone call of two--or if you are on the west coast look up where Dobe Specialties are coming up an if one of them is close to you try going and see if you can catch her at a show.

Lotsa' luck to all of you guys who are hunting for good puppies--keep trying--they are well worth the effort.

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