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To be fair, there is one (I think legitimate) reason someone might ask you why you want a Euro dog as opposed to an American bred dog. Here in the States it is much easier to get a good American bloodline dog from a reputable breeder, than it is to find a good Euro dobe. "Euro breeding", unfortunately, is often just an advertising gimmick for many breeders who are just out there to make a quick buck with their dogs.

I think you know that, but a lot of people new to the breed get sucked in by the "Euro is better" claim, and end up with a substandard dog, or a dog whose temperament may be difficult for them to handle.

So we do often ask why a person wants a Euro dog, and if their answer is rather cliche-ish and seems to be parroting the over-blown advertising spiels you see out there, we try to make sure they truly know where the two types are similar and what might be different about them.

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