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Earlier today I sent (or at least I tried to send) a post which was primarily about dilute in the Doberman and why many breeders don't want to produce any dilute puppies as well as some commentary about skin problems vs just plain old CDA problems with dilute dogs.

I'm dial up--so I often have slow responces but today I got the spinning circle of death and ultimately the system (I was blaming my ISP or my computer--because these things happen with dial up systems) HOWEVER--I'm sitting at the library and the guy behind me has a screen up that responds to nothing. I got a long, long delay on an e-mail I was sending. And my system is supposed to save a draft of anything I'm sending out (and in fact I got the message that it had save a draft copy--but it wouldn't send the dratted thing and finally everything to do with that outgoing e-mail vanished.

The library helpers who have been scurrying around trying to make things work say they think there is something awry with the internet itself at the moment.


Tomorrow is another day she said peacefully and I'll try again then...dobebug
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