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With respect to what VZ just posted. After my sister's experience with an "invisible" fence, I don't feel that I could trust it with a Dobe.

My sister backs up on acres of state forest land, filled with wildlife. Lots of temptations to a dog with a naturally high prey drive.

A while back, she had a Golden, APBT and a Weimaraner. All were well trained, but the pit was a digger and the Weim was a serious jumper, so she decided to invest in a wireless invisible fence. Once trained, the pit and Golden respected the fence. The Weimaraner? He would simply muster his courage and strength and run full tilt at the fence line. He would run right through it. Thie was especially true if a deer wandered in and then bolted when it saw the dog. Once he figured that the brief episode of discomfort was worth it. The fence was worthless on him.

The big problem is that once out, he was reticent to cross the fence line to return. Ultimately the problem was solved.... This dog was never allowed out back unless under direct supervision. BTW. This was a very well behaved dog in general. He was field trained and used quite successfully for hunting.

She did use an e-collar on him when walking in the wood off leash where she knew he would sometimes get out of sight. This was simply for recall.

He has since passed. So, it is no longer an issue with her.

Portland OR
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