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In my 8 years in the agility ring (and 13 states) I never saw a Kimbertal dog competing. In the 10+ years I worked as a tech in the southeast PA area I did see plenty of Kimbertal dogs coming into the clinic but not one that was ever in the breed ring or even quality enough to compete in that venue. Kimbertal is notorious for being a puppy mill...nothing more than a puppy mill. They snow their uneducated clients with titles on the imported dogs that the clients have nary a clue as to what those titles mean and what it takes to earn them. The fact is that Kimbertal caters to a certain segment of the dog world. They are the puppy buyers who don't do their homework and believe the hype and BS that is Kimbertal. My post is not an attack on you. It is merely facts from someone who was involved with Dobermans in one way or another since the 70s.
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