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You have come on here angry at stuff that was written many years ago, by mostly people who are not even still active on this forum (except for a few of us). I'm willing to try and give you a chance to live and learn, but won't do so if you continue to act like a 7 year old (human years, not dog years haha). So grow up and sit down - be prepared to learn without argument. The people on this forum vary in experience, interests, ages, etc..... but for the most part are happy to give of their time and knowledge.

Your dogs are puppies - you have no idea what their health OR coat condition will be at maturity (2+ years minimum), and beyond. It helps to know what their sire/dam/grandsires and grandams health testing is.... as well at lateral relatives, but it is not indicative of what their offsprings health will necessarily be.

No one here dislikes dilute dogs - they are dobermans after all. I however have seen totally bald dilutes come into rescue when I was a volunteer, and the only way of determining their actual color was by looking at their nose leather. Most dilutes will suffer some extent of hair loss with brittle hair coat after the age of 2. This hair loss most often just makes them look a bit moth eaten and has no effect on their health otherwise. Regardless, some people love the dilute colors, and that is fine. Not every reputable breeder avoids producing them - but they don't look to produce them either. If the best stud for their bitch carries dilution along with their bitch, some breeders will go with it. I personally will not produce dilution as I'm not a big time breeder and I don't want to have difficulty placing puppies... or risk getting them back years later simply because someone does not want a semi hairless dog. I don't have a problem producing dogs that carry dilution - my boy Harvard is a Black #4.

As far as what your puppies look like, they are cute as far as that goes. There is no way to evaluate their structure from those pictures. I wish you much luck raising them together without major issues. As a breeder, I would never sell a puppy to someone with another puppy. It is best to put at least a couple of years between dogs - you can see the age range in my personal dogs. I have never raised two puppies together past about 14 weeks of age.... and that only because the new owner could not take them earlier.... or I was hanging onto one to see if a good show home could be found. I breed seldom and right now it has been 7 years since my last litter..... and probably 2 more years before my next.

I hope you stick around to learn and enjoy being part of a doberman community...... losing the attitude you came roaring in on would help tremendously .

Mary Jo Ansel

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