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No, im not a "troll"

Wow, it must be nice to be able to close a conversation because you disagree with someone. All im saying is that dilute dobermans are NO LESS part of the official standard for their breed. Therefore i dont understand why so many feel ad though it would be necessary to eliminate them from existance by refusing to breed any combination of dogs that could reproduce one, or worse yet.... bad mouth and slander anyone who does. Yes there is a potential for certain health conditions to occur. But all breeds have different issues that they may be prone to and different life expectancies. Its at the buyers discretion as to what kind, color, and size of dog they want. Some shed less, some bark more, some have breathing issues, and some COULD POSSIBLY have skin conditions. What dog should we therfore not eliminate???
Let he who has the perfect immortal dog throw the first stone.
Or just close the thread & ban me because you cant logically support your views on the matter...
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