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Originally Posted by Jt17 View Post
Oh yeah, and why the hell would you only provide limited registration if you were only producing perferct specimans? Wouldn't you want them multiplied for the BETTERMENT of the breed??? It sounds like perfecring the standard only applies if it doesnt affect your profit. Spaying or neutering a champion quality Doberman would be the furthest thing from everything these breeders claim tbey stand for. So f'n hypocritical.
If YOU sell HIGH QUALITY dogs TOO...
Then you're a BYB because I SAID SO & because you're competing with me... ludicrous!
Although I feel like this is a waste of time because I can tell your thoughts for everything reputable are negative, I will still waste my breath trying because... why not.

I bust my a$$ working my dogs every Tues and Sat. training in obedience and protection. Every Wed. in agility. Many Mondays in conformation. Every Wed. and Sun morning tracking and every Mon., Thurs. and Sat. morning conditioning. I love my dogs. I give them the best of the best. I have spent countless hours ALREADY studying pedigrees for a bitch I don't plan to breed for well over a year. I've been bitten, I've been beaten (competing), I've won, I've cried, I've gone to the emergency vet,... these dogs are my pride. Literally blood, sweat and tears in EVERY sense of the word. I love every title, every head tilt and every minute I have with them. ALL of my puppies will leave co-owned. All of my pets will leave on limited registration why???? to keep my lines clean. If you read above and think for one second that I'm going to let all my work be ruined because some jerk wants to make money breeding his/her poor DCM/bad temperament lines you are out of your ever lovin mind. It has nothing to do with competition, I'm always helping newbies to the sports and to owning dobes. I encourage them to compete and learn pedigrees just as I was encouraged by someone else. Not many people stay reputable breeders who aren't OPEN to learning and becoming a student of the breed, and who aren't open to helping and encouraging others.

And your thoughts about profits are a joke. I've spent $8,000 on my dogs this year alone (only 2019)and does NOT count food, and most treats. If you think for one second when I have a litter that I have any intention of getting a profit, you're crazy. This is just a super expensive hobby for me.

I'm not sure where you were going with the spaying and neutering a champion thing but I know many breeders, mine especially that won't hesitate to spay/neuter and champion if there's an health issue or a temperament issue... I'm not sure how that's hypocritical.

Lastly, I want to go back to your original post. You asked what makes a reputable breeder. That will be for you to decide. Hardly anyone agrees on what is reputable. Do your research, read the articles on the DPCA website, compete and meet other dog owners. Learn pedigrees and how dog's passed away and what issues were in those lines and then decide what YOU think is important and reputable.
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