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Originally Posted by Jt17 View Post
You're right, i guess that wasnt the best way to introduce myself...
My name is Josh. I have 3 puppies, 1 boy 2 girls. A red, a fawn, and a blue.
I love all my dogs and feel that my blue & fawn pups are just as valuable and should be just as desirable as any other doberman.
Dobermans come in multiple colors, just as people do. Why is it any more acceptable to discriminate against an animal for the pigmentation of their skin than it would be to judge your neighbor for being a differnt race or ethnicity.
You cant say that its not just as ignorant to think that certain colors in dogs dictate superiority over others. And why is it everyones personal mission to persaude the world that anyone who would intentionally reproduce them is unethical, or a BYB? Sounds kinda similar to the philosophy of Hitler. Just saying...
You said you want to do breeding right but you have 3 puppies, which is already wrong. Also, you have 3 puppies and you've already decided you want to breed them? How do you know you will better the breed? People don't like the breeding of dilutes because MOST breeders who breed for COLOR don't tell their unsuspecting puppies buyers that their dilutes will likely end up bald or partially bald and have skin issues. Some breeders like the breeding enough that they will take a chance or breed to a dog that won't produce dilutes. Most of the reputable breeders I know didn't get into breeding because they wanted to breed. They got a REALLY nice dog that did REALLY well in a sport, and that came from healthy lines, and by breeding that dog to another dog they got their next puppy to compete with and kept bettering their lines to produce better puppies.

Did one breeder sell you 3 puppies??? Good god you must have more patience than me and the cost and time to train them separately, and the health testing and the competing you must do well for yourself in retirement lol. My advice, which you won't like, would be to rehome two puppies, do a lot of research learning about the breed and competing in different venues to learn as much as you can. When your puppies is 2 get another puppy from a reputable breeder and then, if you still want to breed, breed that puppy.
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