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Originally Posted by Jt17 View Post
You're right, i guess that wasnt the best way to introduce myself...
My name is Josh. I have 3 puppies, 1 boy 2 girls. A red, a fawn, and a blue.
I love all my dogs and feel that my blue & fawn pups are just as valuable and should be just as desirable as any other doberman.
Dobermans come in multiple colors, just as people do. Why is it any more acceptable to discriminate against an animal for the pigmentation of their skin than it would be to judge your neighbor for being a differnt race or ethnicity.
You cant say that its not just as ignorant to think that certain colors in dogs dictate superiority over others. And why is it everyones personal mission to persaude the world that anyone who would intentionally reproduce them is unethical, or a BYB? Sounds kinda similar to the philosophy of Hitler. Just saying...
As you know, the doberman comes in 4 colors. I have not seen but maybe a select few members in the 15 years of being on DT chastise breeders for producing dilute (blue and fawn) dogs as part of their breeding program. However; breeders who are intentionally breeding to produce dilute puppies because they can advertise them as "rare & unique" are not reputable, and deserve some choice words because they are part of the problem. They do not have the doberman breed's best interest in mind; and are doing it only to line their pockets.

Because dilutes have a different coat than red and black dogs, often they do suffer from hair loss and skin problems as they age. For this reason you can't fault breeders for wanting to avoid producing dilute puppies. I even know breeders who avoid breeding reds because they don't want to deal with light colored coats or bleaching in the sun (which is just silly, IMO).

I really don't think your claim that breeders looking to avoid breeding certain colors is akin to Hitler. In fact, I think that's incredibly disrespectful to persons affected by that part of our world history. That comparison should be reserved for only the most evil things in our world.

"White" (Albino) dobermans are a whole 'nother can of worms, and we need not get into that. You can read the information on the website and acknowledge that the dobermantalk membership basically align's it's views with that literature. those positions are based on facts and health, not by any other motives.

In my opinion, and the opinion of most here, if someone is not 100% dedicated to preserving and improving the doberman breed, that person is not a reputable breeder. Breeding for profit or 'just to have a few puppies for friends and family' defines back yard breeding. It takes a lot of commitment to do things right, which is why so few really do.
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