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Originally Posted by Jt17 View Post
You're right, i guess that wasnt the best way to introduce myself...
My name is Josh. I have 3 puppies, 1 boy 2 girls. A red, a fawn, and a blue.
I love all my dogs and feel that my blue & fawn pups are just as valuable and should be just as desirable as any other doberman.
Dobermans come in multiple colors, just as people do. Why is it any more acceptable to discriminate against an animal for the pigmentation of their skin than it would be to judge your neighbor for being a differnt race or ethnicity.
You cant say that its not just as ignorant to think that certain colors in dogs dictate superiority over others. And why is it everyones personal mission to persaude the world that anyone who would intentionally reproduce them is unethical, or a BYB? Sounds kinda similar to the philosophy of Hitler. Just saying...
My boy is Foxfire's the Real McCoy (McCoy or "Baby") His Grandsire (Maternal) is a fawn. He is over 13 years old. He is owned by one of the most knowledgeable owners that I know.

You asked about "reputable" breeders.

Here is a link to the website of the breeder of my last 3 boys. And the breeder of my boy's grandfather... Ch Foxfire's Gold Toed Monster BN CD RE OA AXJ NF CGC CGCA ROM BFL-1 LC-10L and my boy's dam Jewelia GCh. Foxfire's Tell Me About it:

Foxfire Dobermans - Breeder-Owner of AKC Top Producing Doberman Pinschers.

Get it now?

I hope so.

Also when referring to other people, references and comparisons to Hitler are not well received ( My wife and son are Jewish).I personally am offended

Portland OR
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