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Originally Posted by Jt17 View Post
Does anyone EVER AGREE on who is a REPUTABLE BREEDER? I want to start breeding, but it seems as though no matter what you do somebody is gonna slam your reputation... if EVERYONE can AGREE on what a REPUTABLE BREEDER is then thats exactly what ill do, and in no time everyone will CHANGE there OPINION of whats REPUTABLE...
And why SO MUCH HATRED for DILUTES??? I have HEALTHY DILUTES that MEET THE BREED STANDARD. They are good looking dogs with DOZENS OF CHAMPION TITLES in their PEDEGREE. AND ABSOLUTELY, I'll be reproducing them for the "BETTERMENT" AND of the breed. What a joke.... WHO is the ALTIMATE AUTHORITY on what the "BETTERMENT OF THR BREED" Is?
That phrase has lost its connotation...
Just makes me sick that everypne GOSSIPS & HATES on everyone like a bunch of FICKLE FEMALES 🙄
OK, lets have it....UNLOAD ON ME to PROVE ME RIGHT...
Quite the first post, to bring up 7 years later! Welcome to DT, we'd love if you'd introduce yourself and your dogs.

I think your frustration may stem from the fact that a lot of breeders are discussed on DT but not a lot are actually reputable, ethical breeders who strive to preserve and improve the breed. The majority discussed here are for profit operations or back yard breeders.

Having said that, I agree, that some breeders have been unnecessarily bashed here. Some good breeders just 'breed too much' in the eyes of some of our members, as an example. BUT, as a general rule, I think we do have a consensus as to what constitutes a reputable breeder.

A reputable breeder, at the bare minimum:

Titles their dogs prior to breeding.

Either with conformation (AKC or Canadian CKC show) titles + hopefully some performance titles "on the other end"


advanced working sport titles in a sport such as Schutzhund or french ring

Does full health testing prior to breeding and in subsequent years

Yearly cardiac testing (echo and 24 hour holter)
hips, eyes, elbows
pre breed screening for communicable diseases (STI's)

Breeds to preserve and maintain the breed
This generally means the breeder aims to breed and present their dogs as close to the standard as posssible with the DPCA code of ethics in mind at all times. This is not possible without showing or working and titling the sire and dam to prove they are worthy of being bred. Puppies will almost always be sold cropped and docked, and pet puppies will be sold on limited registration so they can't be bred. Absolutely NO breeding of albinos or Z factored dogs.

I hope you will follow suit!!!
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