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Fabert is still looking to place their older (8-9 month now?) natural eared, docked tail female that didn't cut it as a show ring candidate (beautiful puppy but she didn't enjoy it).
In the provinces where docking has been banned by veterinarians people are doing home docks and a couple are also getting amputation surgeries at the same time as the pups are cropped. So you might possibly be able to find a breeder who will on the hush accept to let an all-natural pup go.

As others have said the only breeders who most consistently and willingly consider all natural pups (both side the border) are working or "total doberman" style breeders - and even so not all of them will be willing. I know quite a fair few working breeders who would rather continue respect the standard and crop and dock, than go compete internationally for example.

The only two such breeders out your way I can think of are Incredible and Vom Landgraf - of the two, to the best of my knowledge (and I could be wrong here) only Vom Landgraf has started doing all-natural, and those dogs are INTENSE. If you don't actively intend to work in a professional capacity or a competitive venue I am not sure she would place a pup with you. Because even her "low" pups are way higher than most people's "low" or even "highs". Wendy works her dogs every single day, if that can give you an idea.

The other breeders I can think of who blend show and working and who are willing to let natural pups go to the right people are in the midwest or western states maybe one or two in the Northeast and there is one person I know from my province who drove all the way down to Louisiana to pick up an all-natural pup from a working breeder using european and south american lines. This particular person already owned an all-natural doberman male so I imagine it was easier for the breeder to decide to sell them an all-natural pup. But for most of these breeders "the right person" will be a working or sport home.

Apexe Dobermans (working breeder in the midwest) are now leaving pups all-natural, with docking and cropping done only on request. Krieghund Dobermanns are located in Michigan, also a working breeder that does all natural.

But again you have to keep in mind that depending on the dogs and depending on the breeders that might be a whole lot of dog for someone who just wants a nice pet. You could consider rescuing perhaps, as all-naturals do turn up in rescues, or if you're willing to live with a docked tail but natural ears, Canada will be an easier avenue.
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