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Originally Posted by gamermouse0213 View Post
Zeus was getting 4 cups a day. His bag recommends 3 1/2 - 4 1/4 cups per day... After weaning him back on, I'll try going down to the minimum 3 1/2 but I'm worried about him getting roo thin, as he was before... but that might've been because of the other problems he had. We'll see!
Yes, failure to gain weigh and/or weight loss often goes along with anything that causes loose stools and/or diarrhea--basically the food is just going through the GI tract and not staying long enough to provide much real nutrition.

I'm noticing that eating chicken and rice has causes him to not poop as much. He usually poops every day, twice a day. But since his bland diet we've only seen him poop once on Saturday evening. My husband took him out and said it was a solid poop (but I didnt see it and I'm only going to be satisfied once I see it with my own eyes!). He didn't poop at all yesterday, and this morning I was outside with him and he didn't have any intent to go. He's eating and drinking fine. Activity level is normal. I don't think he's constipated, as he's not trying to go at all. (So no squatting and straining) I read online that many other chicken and rice feeders experienced the same thing. Their dogs hadn't gone in 24-48 hours. Some commented that the rice slows down digestion. Has anyone experinced this?
I don't know exactly how much you are feeding of chicken( or turkey or ground beef) to 3 parts cottage cheese or rice. If you've been feeding kibble the fact that you are feedig a mix that is heavier on protein and much less on carbs will reduce the quantity of stool. And generally a meat/cottage cheese or meat/rice mix isn't as much food as they've been getting with kibble. Also means smaller poops.

Most dogs routinely poop after a meal. Dogs on a diet intended to give solider stools almost always poop less. Rice will NOT actually slow down digestion--HOWEVER a lot of people see a change to chicken and rice from a bad case of diarrhea or a long period of very soft stools end up with a dog who doesn't poop at all for 24 to 48 hours. Common because often the GI tract is pretty empty and when the food isn't just going through and not actually getting digested there is nothing for the dog to poop--you see some complaints about how their dog went from diarrhea to constipation--that isn't what is actually happening.

How long should I keep this up before weaning him back on to his food? He started Friday evening, so it's been about two and a half days. I'm going to start him back up on his ProPlan whenever we start transitioning back and using his kibble as treats. He does not get wet food of any type.
I usually keep a dog on something like chicken and rice for about 3 to 4 days and then start to add kibble back into the diet and reduce the quantity of the chicken and rice mix. Feeding 2 cups per meal isn't really too much food--it's what most of my males eat for most of their life. Sometimes significantly more when they are adolescent to young males and the old boys seem to need less.

I haven't been adding his Fortiflora or salmon oil to his meals...could too much salmon cause loose stools? His food is salmon and rice. He was getting evening salmon oil, and he takes an Omega 3/6/9 supplement (which I haven't been giving him) daily.
I would continue to use the Fortiflora no matter what he's eating. Any kind of oil can cause loose stools . Also the Omega 3/6/9 supplement is actually oil based (even if it's a powder--and I wouldn't give that until his stools are solid all the time). You said to Rosemary that you hadn't actually been measuring quantifies--but had a new set of measuring cups and spoons--USE THEM WHILE YOU ARE TRYING TO ESTABLISH BEST QUANTITIES TO FEED OF EVERYTHING. I don't feed salmon oil for a couple of reasons--you'd think that salmon oil would be better than some other types of oils. But salmon feed on smaller fish--and it means that over time their diet contributes to concentration of some things you might not want to keep adding because it does concentrate in the fats and oils of the bigger fish.

I feed whatever oil I use (and I actually use the Costco brand which is made from oils of small fish like sardines, menhaden etc.) And it is measured by quantity of Omega 3 oil and in capsules. Liquid oils loose efficancy quite quickly after they are opened--even refrigerating them doesn't slow that down much--the capsules don't get that exposure to air so stay effective longer. If you are going to continue to feed salmon oil--translate that liquid amount to to a per tsp or tBsp of Omega 3.

Also about the Omega 3/6/9 in oils--Omega 3 is most abundant in fish fat or body oil. Omega 6 is bioavailable mostly in vegetable sources (and I can't remember what provides Omega 9 and can't remember if there is really an established recommended amount to feed). What you should probably also be feeding with any source of Omega 3 oils would be Vitamin E--you should be giving it (it's measured in iu's, international units--and most comes as gel caps at 400 iu's. It should be added at the rate of about 200 iu's per 1,000 mg of most fish oils. So my old dog gets two fish oil caps and one Vitamin E cap per meal now--but most of his life he got 1 fish oil cap per meal and one Vitamin E cap with dinner only.

Are you sick of reading this yet--my ability to sit is just about up so I'll just wish you and Zeus good luck. Just remember for right now measure everything. Once you've established a diet and quantities that work for him then you start looking at the dog, how his weight looks and drop in a vets office weekly (most scales are in reception for big dogs and if you ask are happy to let you weigh your dog)--so you know what his weight actually is.

That's it--I'm done--I can read standing up but I need a stand up desk (which I don't have) to type with any degree of accuracy standing.

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