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DT ate my post.

I'll try again.

In this area of the road (running across the mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park) you are driving across open mountain meadows or up above timberline on the rolling tundra. The snow pack is deep and becomes almost as hard as concrete from the weight of the snow above it, they say. There aren't really slopes above the road which would add to the danger of avalanches.

Avalanches tend to occur on slopes where the snow is unstable because of its steepness, where there are strong winds which pile the snow up at the top of these slopes, or where there has been a fresh heavy snowfall on top of older layers of snow.

If you drive through the mountains, you can see areas where avalanches occur frequently (avalanche chutes).

Every year about 6 people are killed in Colorado avalanches, generally because they are skiing in back country areas and ignore the warning signs of avalanche danger. Places prone to avalanches closer to "civilization" are managed by triggering smaller controlled avalanches before the snow can build to dangerous levels, and by placing tree breaks, fencing, etc. to keep the snow from drifting into unstable masses.

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