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Originally Posted by dobebug View Post
Thanks for all the house pic's Mel--TN, yours haven't loaded yet. I don't know why your hosta's are so late--mine were all up early this year in spite of the very cold month (I forget which month it was0) but it was the month they usually come up from the dead lump they've been since November. And the new fuchsia's mostly all have flower buds now. And the mystery flower I ended up with in two raised beds are putting up blooms--still have no idea what they are but must have been something that likes to get planted in the fall so that they are half grown by spring (surviving frost and very cold spells and torrential winter rains)--if I ever figure it out I'll let you know--ya'll know that pictures are highly unlikely.

Overcast this morning in Portland (left side) supposed to not really have any rain until late in the day and temperatures are supposed to rise back up to normal (high 60's and low 70's through the week).

And this is the formal notification that today is 1)Toad's 1/2 birthday--he's 13.5 today and 2) I'm going this morning for that epidural injection (of a steroid of some sort) and I don't guarantee you'll hear from me for a day or two--I have no idea what I'm supposed to feel like after this--and yes someone IS driving me to and from the place they are doing this.

UGH! I hate being the sickee I've been lately--I really hate not being able to bend over and pull spring weeds everywhere. And I also hate the fact that Clark (cat) thinks he can run out the back door and down the side of the house and eat a pile of grass before I catch up with him (but he's right--he can zip past me and out and I can't catch up until he's around the side of the house--so he eats as much grass and he can and then when caught and returned to the house washes his feet and pukes up the grass--talk about Dober goats. I NEED to scrub the kitchen floor!!! Life is NOT fair.

Over and out...

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOAD!! Be patient with Mama, though, I imagine your presents will come a little late. She's dealing with a lot today.

Best of luck with the medical procedure, AB. You know we'll be thinking of you and also talking about you behind your back, so keep us updated when you can.

I hear you about Clark. Trip has taken to running out the door in a zip and I can't catch him until he's off the patio into the grass. Fortunately he still flops onto his side when he sees big bad mom coming, but I'm not sure how long that will last. He is a determined sort. But at least he's not eating the grass.
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