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I will give a good effort and that's about it !

1. You call that a BLT ??? WTH is the B in the BLT ??? Terrible !

2. I'm with 4x4 - poor - unhealthy upbringing ! Go with the ice burg also

3. Mayo ! Or Miracle whip - Use a spoon to load it up ! When it's right - it will be all over your fingers - lmao

4. Didn't cut the sandwich at a angle - then use tooth picks to hold it together !!!

5. I do give good credit on the tomato ! Damn it looks good !

Over all - I will rant it a 75 - lack of artery plunging bacon takes off the most points !

+ the use of healthy lettuce hurts total point too !

Just f ing with you TN - lol We made some a few weeks ago - I think I could eat them all the time , but dang wife keeps me grounded

One last thing - If you get the sandwich down like you take pictures - Oh damn - I would hate to think how good that BLT would be !

We got your rain TN - Check out your radar - some good stuff headed this way from IL !

6. Also a good credit on the Texas size toast !
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